A YouTuber’s Review About his Very own Drone Traveling Experience.

Why Did We Get a Drone?

I love creating movies and sharing them on Our YouTube Channel and while video creation is an aspect of the blog that doesn’t currently make us any money, it’s my favorite thing to do for Goats On The Road and I love hearing people’s responses to our travel videos.

Traveling with a drone was an obvious next step into better video production. After getting the Feiyu-Tech gimbal for video stabilization, the drone was the first thing that we thought of to improve our YouTube channel.

How Much Did It Cost?

The Phantom 3 Advanced (which is what I have) goes for $999. I also purchased the iPad mini to go with the setup because my iPod 5 was incompatible. You can use Android devices and Apple smart devices for the drone, but I figured the iPad Mini was the perfect size. The device isn’t too big to carry around, and the screen isn’t too small that you can’t see fine details in the streamed video while flying. The iPad Mini was $280 on Amazon (currently on sale).

Is it Worth the Weight & Hassle?

We’ve only had the drone for a couple of months, but already I’m seeing a great response from the videos that I create with it. I’m seeing more comments on the videos and many of them are specifically commenting about the drone footage.

The Fun & Fear of Flight

Traveling with a drone is cool. It’s amazing to get brand new perspectives on the places that we visit. Especially because Dariece and I like to travel to a lot of very off-the-beaten-path places. There are times when I’m flying the drone in Grenada and I’m pretty sure that I’m the first person to ever see these places from the sky (and we get to share that with you guys!). The one thing I do like to use while filming though, are my noise cancelling earbuds. They are great for cancelling out the noise that a drone can make and really help me to focus on the beauty of what I am filming. I really recommend it!

When I first got the drone, everything was fun and games. I flew it around without a care in the world. But since crashing it while shooting this video, I have a new anxiousness about flying it.

Overall Thoughts About Traveling with A Drone

While I was hesitant to travel with a drone at first, now that I have it, I’m very happy that we made the investment. Our videos will continue to improve as I continue to practice flying and filming with the drone and although it takes up some space, now that we’ve upgraded to the Numinous 55L high quality drone backpacks, we have plenty of extra room. There are also some great drone cases for the DJI Phantom 4 here that you should definitely check out.

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